28 zip codes, 1 city.
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in your words.

Photo by Dominic Inouye.  Kimpton Journeyman Hotel / 53202.

Thank you for your kind words of support!

Thank you for sharing such a vibrant and real artistic investigation of Milwaukee. --Melanie

I came onboard in October, and I already see how important it is, in that it is bringing awareness of the goodness and kindness and fabulous diversity of Milwaukee to its citizens.  We only hope that that will continue in the form of  bringing people together from different parts of the city, to promote positive change and exciting growth for Milwaukee.  On a personal level, I am thrilled to have met such compassionate people, who truly believe in this project, and this city.  That's a big plus for me. --Tracey

I met a guy in the locker room tonight and made small talk about the cold and homelessness. Eventually he made the comment that "Milwaukee seems to be going downhill in some parts," to which I told him about ZIP MKE and how we wanted to unify the city's unique zip codes through the power of photographs. I shared with him our website and told him about the gallery exhibition. He said he's happy that there's people out there working to break the stereotypes our city has and was very interested in visiting the exhibition. I love spreading the ZIP MKE story! --Bryan

I think this project is very much needed to bridge our city and bring our people together.  Thanks to this brilliant project's creators! I think this is absolutely brilliant. It mirrors something very good I've thought has been happening throughout our city. I can't quite articulate it. --Jason

Phenomenal work! --Patricia

Great idea! Thank you for this. I hope it spreads like love and joy. --Daniel

Good, true, brave and RIGHT project.  Thanks to all who are IN on this. --Maggie

Photography bringing folks together. Images inspiring words of understanding. --Richard

Your project looks amazing! --Erik

ZIP MKE is a good antidote for all the hatred floating around these days. --MrFriedel

Awesome! --Heather

Love what you and your Zipsters are doing. --Donna

A very worthwhile project. --Larry

I was very excited to hear about this project and grateful to discover that you included photos from the Wednesday night polka jam at Kochanski's Concertina Beer Hall. I'm the girlfriend of the owner Andy. The evening you captured in photo ended up being a very sentimental evening for us as it was our last evening with Andy's father. He died unexpectedly the next morning . . . We truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts for including us in your project. --Angie and Andy

Hope to use my life to help others not go down the road I once lived, would love to join you all in bringing the zip codes together! --Brooke

I think ZIP MKE is great, and further illustrates the great culture of our city. --Bennett

I appreciate your approach.  So many rely on stories and other people to form opinions and build bias without any experience--and you went out and had experiences. We should all do the same. --Melita