28 zip codes, 1 city.
 “When my dad moved here from Africa in 2000 he didn’t have anything. He first came over here with me and my siblings and not my mom. So that struggle of going through that experience and not having your wife by your side and then having to provide for three kids on your own while also trying to go through the process of getting her here had to have been hard. He eventually got her here and he even went back to college, even though he was older, he still went back and got his degrees. Now, he works for a top pharmaceutical company. Watching him work so hard and going from $7.25 an hour to a salary job…. it’s amazing to see the hard work come to action and start paying off. That keeps me going.  My first year of college I went to Indiana Tech and I didn’t do well. So, at the semester I came home. And even though I know how big education is to him and how much I let him down, his love and care for me didn’t change. But I couldn’t live with letting him down so I went to a community college, got my grades up and went to DePaul University.  Even now he still says, “let that be an example of a learning process. Don’t use that as a break down—a ‘you won’t make it’—just use it as a bounce back—you don’t want to go back to that dropping out stage. Use that as motivation to keep going forward.” He is a prime example of showing me that even though you might start off in a bad circumstance there is always hope to become better.”

Mario Sinclair