28 zip codes, 1 city.
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How Will This Help Us?



What are our practical needs and dreams?

Here are just a few.

NEW-AND-IMPROVED EXHIBITION. While our current display options have stood the test of time, they are beginning to show wear from things like moving back and forth between exhibits so many times and inadequate storage options. Our photos are currently either displayed using cardboard backing or unframed mats. While hanging them on wires or clothesline has proven effective and charming, we are seeking new storage and display options, plus the means to maintain the original displays, so that we can bring to the Milwaukee community the best exhibition of you we are.

NEW-AND-IMPROVED IMAGES AND DISPLAYS. While our generous sponsor Clark Graphics has donated the printing cost of all our 8x10 photos since the beginning, any larger prints, matting, etc. have been an expense. We wish to be able to diversify our printing sizes for maximum impact and mat and frame select photos for more professional gallery displays.

NEW-AND-IMPROVED PROMOTIONS. While we have attempted to organize non-exhibit community engagements for the public, lack of financial resources for promotion has left us relying on social media, which limits our audience. Therefore, we are seeking resources that will enable us to create stunning materials for pre- and during-event promotions (e.g., postcards, posters, signage, ad space).

NEW-AND-IMPROVED COMMUNITY COLLABORATIONS. Most importantly, we plan to collaborate further with our partners at Jane’s Walk MKE and our friends at other storytelling and art organizations, forming a collective that connects residents to themselves, each other, and Milwaukee by moving with them physically through the city, celebrating it in the moment with photography, and transforming the way it is perceived and created through visual art and storytelling. This collective would work with one Milwaukee neighborhood or ZIP Code at a time, for a set period of time, creating relationships with residents and community assets (businesses, organizations, schools, etc.) that foster knowledge and understanding, pride and problem-solving, and the co-creation of a better city.