28 zip codes, 1 city.


awarded best grassroots art project 2017

Thank you, Milwaukee Magazine, for choosing ZIP MKE!

Who are we?

ZIP MKE is a grassroots community engagement project created in October 2016 that uses photography to

create neighborhood pride,

foster community connections,

expand social perspectives by diminishing preconceived assumptions, and

reimagine the narrative of Milwaukee as “united” and “collaborative.” 

We embrace the ubiquity of the camera and its potential to capture subjects and stories (whether human, natural, or architectural) in powerful ways. Through our online gallery, public exhibitions, neighborhood walks, public conversations, and community engagement events, ZIP MKE is envisioning the Milwaukee we all need to see: the faces, places, and events that make all 28 ZIP Codes unique, beautiful, and diverse.


"Art Saves Lives in Milwaukee Through Photojournalism"

(Shepherd Express / November 14, 2017)

(Shepherd Express / November 14, 2017)

ZIP MKE founder Dominic Inouye is back at the school where he once taught, but he isn't there to teach this time.