28 zip codes, 1 city.



What to photograph:

Photograph the peopleplaces, and events in multiple neighborhoods throughout Milwaukee, as designated by the Milwaukee Bucks.  These photos can be portraits, candids, or crowd shots; buildings and architectural details representative of a particular neighborhood; and photos from community events that show the spirit of a neighborhood (e.g., a cultural celebration, a block clean-up, etc.).

Allow the viewers to see the city through your eyes.

Be creative in vantagesangles, and perspectives.

Spend time researching your selected neighborhoods to develop a sense of place and determine the iconic or identifiable buildings and landscapes that make each area unique and help tell a story.


  • 25-30 photographs that may be selected for the project
  • Files should be in the highest resolution possible, but no smaller than an 8"x10" at 300 dpi
  • Files may be black and white, duotones, sepia, or other tones, but also submit files in full color.
  • Files should be submitted to your teacher in a Google Folder and named in the following way:
    • School_Lastname_Firstname_Neighborhood (or addresss/location)
    • Use underscores ( _ ) and no spaces
    • Use school abbreviations (MSHA, PIUS, EV, TOSA)
      • e.g. MSHA_Inouye_Dominic_LindsayHeights

      • e.g. PIUS_Rivera_Carl_WashingtonPark


  • take portrait-type photos of persons without their verbal consent, especially of minors (get the permission of their parent/guardian)
    • However, crowd shots during an event where no one person is the focus are acceptable
  • put yourself in a precarious situation under any circumstance 
    • Consider traveling and shooting with a friend or group and/or an adult (e.g., teacher or parent--no reason why families can't help out if they want to!)
  • include any commercial identifiers/trademarks in your photographs, nor any team logos or team colors such as would be present in a jersey
  • post anything to social media until the project is unveiled by the Milwaukee Bucks


Row 1 (left to right)

  • This event photo needs the permission of the man in the front, who is the focus.
  • This candid photo needs the permission of the adult woman in the swing and the caretaker of the boy next to her.

Row 2

  • This portrait photo needs the permission of both adults.
  • This portrait photo needs the permission of all present.

Row 3

  • Event photo in middle of action does not need permission from anyone present.
  • Activity photo from a distance with most people blurred does not need permission from each and every person on the ice.

Row 4

  • This person is an actual Bucks player.  Do NOT include this in your portfolio.
  • Here, at least thank Mother Nature for giving you a beautiful shot. :)